About Us

Sir Graphic, Inc. is a full-service installation company.

We can manage every aspect of your project from site scheduling to final inspection and photographic documentation.

We value our clients and consistently strive to exceed expectations in the graphic application industry. We understand that in order to meet your project deadlines, you need professionals with both strong client management skills and 3M certified installations.

We achieve this high level of professionalism by maintaining membership with the United Application Standard Group (UASG) and the Professional Decal Application Association (PDAA). This brings together the elements of specialized training and cutting edge technologies to our management staff and installers.

20+ years of experience in the industry.

Sir Graphic has and has built one of the most diversified and well-respected installation firms in the nation. The company has offices in Seattle and Spokane, as well as a large mobile crew to meet the requirements of both large and small projects. High Profile Projects Include:

The rebranding of more than 30,000 vehicles from SBC to AT&T.

Project included management and mobilization of one the nation’s largest team of installers.

Gas station rebranding of more than 1,900 individual sites from Texaco to Shell.

Vehicle rebranding for the transition of 1,700 vehicles from US West to Qwest.

Rebranding of 400 gas stations from AMMCO to Tesoro.

Founded in 1989 in Spokane, Washington, Sir Graphic is owned and operated by Keith Gibler.

As word of our reputation spread, we opened a facility in 1998 in the Seattle market to more efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

These folks are worthy of your business.

I have had more than one person compliment me on the quality of the wraps, including our franchise director who has seen 40+ of the same wrapped vehicle across the different franchisee locations. In addition to quality work, they do business right. When I found a leak in my van (which turned out to be a Nissan draining issue) they sent someone up immediately and he helped me narrow down where the leak was coming from even though it had nothing to do with them. Lastly, they are priced far less than what you’d expect. Highest praises all around.